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Hi there, Im Aina.I luv feminine LADIES clothes. So,it just happen that I feel like sharing it with u. Take a peek through this closet & choose ur favourite. Easy-peasy;)

my journey, the feels, for life best at time....the laughter we had..the argument over which road to take..our jakuness..our amazement..;)

But it was lovely, the clear skies, the blazing sun, the gentle summer breeze, and the lazy afternoons flavor, the passion and warm love.

It’s hard to find joy they say.. In a world full of decay.. The pursuit of happiness... Amid all the crappiness... Is like trying to swim through clay.. Ah, but the limerick doesn’t mention that it’s chocolate-flavored clay.. :-p..wink2. Have a great day everyone


We will try to update new stock every week before Thursday. Stay tune=)

Delivery will only be made on Tuesday & Friday.
So plan ur shopping=)

all kids item had been moved to
Feel free to browse & enjoy the new addition to the family=)

We must mention that we are not an authorized dealer or associate of any of the designers, brands or manufacturers that are offered in our site. All trademarks, brand names and logos mentioned are used for identification purposes only and are registered trademarks of their respective owners who reserve the rights of ownerships.

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For your postage balance, you can opt for ;
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2) deduct from your total purchase in the future
    (e.g balance RM1- total purchase RM20, so grand total RM19)

20th DECEMBER 2011

Siti Adawiah ~ RM 8.60 EM069159281 MY
Roszana ~ RM 13.90 EM06959247 MY
Nurul Aisyah ~ RM7.30 EM069159304 MY
Husna ~ EM069159295 MY
Fairuz Hazwani  ~ EM069159278 MY
Khairun Najmi ~ EM069159264 MY
Zaila ~ RM7.30 EM069159281 MY

1-19th DECEMBER 2011

Sylvia ~  RM8.60 EM162176362 MY
Nor Sofea ~  EM162176359 MY
Roszana  ~  RM 11.25 EM162176393 MY
Niryana ~  EM069159321 MY
Tira Zeliara ~  EM162176380 MY
Shazlin Hannis ~  EM162176376 MY
Naimah Shakirah ~  EM162159318 MY


Siti Adawiah ~  RM8.62 EM16217635 MY
Gia ~  EM162176402 MY
Khairun Najmi ~ EM162176416 MY
Shazlin Hannis ~  EM162176518 MY
Shuhaila ~ EM162176535 MY
Nadhiya ~  EM162176504 MY
Nurul Aisyah ~  EM162176455 MY
DP ~  RM 9.30 EM162176481 MY
Noor Azreen ~  RM7.30 EM162176464 MY
Amy Suriana ~  EM162176433 MY
Norhamizatul Syarfa ~  EM162176478 MY
Sarah Harry ~ RM8.60  EM162176420 MY


Nur Bisyarah ~  EM162299335 MY
Len Siew Hooi ~  EM162176570 MY
Amy Suriana ~  EM162176566 MY
Nor Syahiddah ~  EM162176583 MY
Sharifah Farah ~ EM162176552 MY
Siti Quratul Ain ~   EM162176549 MY


Roszana ~ RM21.20  EM162176610 MY
Marlia ~  EM4.65 162299361 MY
Nur Liana ~ RM7.30  EM162299358 MY
Dr Kuza ~  RM7.30 EM162299344 MY
Siti Rahmah ~ RM7.30  EM162299300 MY
Natalie ~  EM162299313 MY
Roszana ~ RM 11.25  EM162299327 MY
Marliya ~  EM162176623 MY


Stephenie ~ RM9.30  EM156510152 MY
Nurul Sheilawati ~  EM156510055 MY
Nur Adilah Shuhada ~  EM156510170 MY
Zaleha ~ EM156510033 MY
Roszana ~ RM7.30 EM1622992242 MY
Nadia ~ RM7.30 EM162299239 MY
Nurul Syamira ~ EM162299273 MY
Nur Adilah Shuhada ~ EM162299256 MY
Lina ~ EM162299260 MY
Roszana ~ RM7.30 EM156511714 MY
Nur Asyilah ~ EM156510016 MY
Azna ~ EM156510118 MY
Zainida ~ EM156510135 MY
Adibah ~ EM150302681 MY
Nur Hawa ~ EM150302664 MY
Nurul Jannah ~ EM150302704 MY


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Sabah&Sarawak 1 item RM9
Sabah&Sarawak 2-3 items RM10
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