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Hi there, Im Aina.I luv feminine LADIES clothes. So,it just happen that I feel like sharing it with u. Take a peek through this closet & choose ur favourite. Easy-peasy;)

my journey, the feels, for life best at time....the laughter we had..the argument over which road to take..our jakuness..our amazement..;)

But it was lovely, the clear skies, the blazing sun, the gentle summer breeze, and the lazy afternoons flavor, the passion and warm love.

It’s hard to find joy they say.. In a world full of decay.. The pursuit of happiness... Amid all the crappiness... Is like trying to swim through clay.. Ah, but the limerick doesn’t mention that it’s chocolate-flavored clay.. :-p..wink2. Have a great day everyone


We will try to update new stock every week before Thursday. Stay tune=)

Delivery will only be made on Tuesday & Friday.
So plan ur shopping=)

all kids item had been moved to
Feel free to browse & enjoy the new addition to the family=)

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zara jacket sudah sampai. :) love it! thanks ya aina!

aina, dh terima parcel..nice dress aina..as I expected.=)..go girl!!!

Salam. Kami dh terima dress. Cantik!! Tak sabo nk try kat umah.Hehe.Suke2.sbb blh adjust strap dress tu.

Dr. Ku Adniza Ku Adnan
  • thanks aina.kuza dah dpt baju2 tu.thanks a lot. K
    alo ada lgi baju baru, bgtau ek

    • ada update lg sms kt I jer..

      Fatul Munira
      Cantik sangat, dress tu fatul pilih y xder cutting, besar, tp kain dia jatuh bila pakai, melekap jer, puas hati la=)Ada stok baru, mesti bgtau yer.

      Emy Syafinas
      Tak tahan, tak tahan,comel sgt. Klau ad lg y saiz2 S, roger2 yer.

      • saya dah dpt..sgt cantik..;p

      • baju dh dpat td...cantik sgtttt....akak sukeeee.....ada lg ke?

      Senang nk shopping segera & cepat bila urgent, nk balik kg ke, murah pun murah, blouse RM8 je=)

      • Sis,brg da smpi.tq..hihi.oklah smpan utk ms dpn hihi

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